Your charity for Scotland’s environment

Keep Scotland Bru-tiful

A.G. Barr, the maker of IRN-BRU, launched a new initiative with Keep Scotland Beautiful encouraging retailers to support an anti-litter message in partnership with the Scottish Grocers’ Federation.

More than 3,500 local retailers from across Scotland are being encouraged to take three small steps to help improve Scotland’s environment. The initiative encourages local shops to...

  • sign Keep Scotland Beautiful’s “Clean Up Scotland” pledge;
  • display A. G Barr’s newly designed ‘Keep Scotland BRU-TIFUL’ window sticker, encouraging their shoppers to bin their litter; and
  • organise a clean up in their local community.

This ground-breaking initiative was launched at usave convenience store in Falkirk, with Ajaz Ali, the first retailer to sign up.  To date more than 100 retailers have signed up to support the campaign and have received a specially created information pack which details how they can get involved and help make littering unacceptable in their own neighbourhoods.