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Dumb Dumpers

This was our first mulitmedia campaign to raise awareness of a new reporting 24/7 stopline for flytipping, manned by SEPA, and co-ordinated by The Scottish Flytipping Forum. The stopline provided a central location for members of the public to report flytipping. Information was then sent to the relevant local authority or SEPA team for investigation. The campaign also aimed to raise awareness of the illegal activity and fine level for being caught flytipping.

Posters were distributed to local authorities and land owners to locate at hot spot flytipping sites.


This campaign used the voice of One Foot in the Grave’s Victor Meldrew, aka actor Richard Wilson, to highlight the dumb behaviour of those that fly-tipped and to encourage people to report incidents to the new national 24/7 hotline that was manned by SEPA.


In parallel with the public facing campaign additional support was given to train enforcement officers in local authorities and to encourage reporting through the UK Flycapture system to gather data on the scale of the issue.


The message was seen or heard by at least 90% of Scottish adults. Almost 2,000 calls were made to the Stopline during the campaign.