Rachel Caplan

Rachel Caplan
Climate Festival Officer

Rachel joined Keep Scotland Beautiful in 2021 to work on the development and delivery of Scotland’s Climate Festival, supporting communities across the country to plan and deliver their own local climate festivals, alongside a national programme of events that we co-ordinate.

Before joining us, Rachel worked as a creative producer for environmental festivals in the UK and USA. She has broad experience in festival planning and production, with specialised knowledge of environmental public programmes, and community engagement and impact.

In 2010, she created and launched the San Francisco Green Film Festival as the region’s first environmental event, with the vision of bringing communities together to share urgent stories about the climate crisis. Before this, she held festival positions in Edinburgh and London and was director of the International Ocean Film Festival, the largest showcase for marine films in North America. Rachel is Special Projects chair for the Green Film Network, an association of 30 environmental film festivals worldwide. Since 2013, she has been a regular guest lecturer on Environmental Communications at UC Berkeley.

Rachel has a MA in Cinema and Television from the British Film Institute (BFI).

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