Megan Curley

Megan Curley
Marketing Assistant

Megan joined Keep Scotland Beautiful in October 2022 as the Marketing Assistant intern. Before joining us, Megan had just completed her MA in Globalisation, Business and Sustainable Development at the University of East Anglia in Norwich where she also undertook a sustainable development internship in Calgary, Canada in the summer of 2022.

Megan’s passion for sustainability started when she did her study abroad exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she learnt more about how the city has been designed to encourage cycling as the main mode of transport alongside other sustainable initiatives. She focussed her undergraduate dissertation on a sustainable development app encouraging small food businesses to reduce waste and was involved in other sustainable development projects.

Moreover, Megan has done part-time freelance marketing consultancy on the side of her studies, focussing on helping smaller businesses with their marketing strategy and promote sustainability.

Megan loves to explore new cultures and visiting new countries. One of her favourite experiences was teaching English and helping rebuild a primary school in a Fijian village. She also loves to spend her free time cooking, baking, and doing yoga.

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