Brian Rae

Brian Rae
Acting Operations Manager, Environment and Place Services

Brian joined us in 2006.  He has a committed approach to working in the environmental sector and has managed a variety of data streams for us – including LEAMS, coastal environmental quality data, trunk road service station quality audit data, and more recently data from bespoke Nudge behaviour change projects.

Brian has built and managed data capture/querying/reporting systems for us, with efficiency and ease of use in mind, while allowing for complex hypothesis testing.

Brian has developed and coordinated the LEAMS programme, working in partnership with all 32 local authorities, building and maintaining relationships as the needs for street cleanliness monitoring evolved. 

He has been involved in developing a standardised methodology for monitoring litter across Europe with the Clean Europe Network and is working with Zero Waste Scotland to develope a new Litter Monitoring System (LMS)

Brian has an Honours Degree in Environmental Science, majoring in applied GIS.

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