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Scotland Lights up Malawi

We supported the Scotland Lights Up Malawi project sponsored by Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group and part funded by the Scottish Government. We delivered part of the project alongside Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group, SolarAid and Glasgow Caledonian University.

The project aimed to raise awareness and money to bring safe, solar energy to rural communities in Malawi. It used the story of SolarAid’s work in Malawi to highlight some important issues around energy, poverty, climate change, solar light, global citizenship and sustainability.

Through the project we encouraged children and young people to increase their understanding of these issues and develop their communication and citizenship skills. We supported P6-S2 pupils to work together on an environmental journalism and campaign making project. Over 70 schools from 20 local authority areas signed up to participate in the Malawi project, involving over 2,500 pupils.

Through a series of professional learning programmes, we also supported the development of teacher understanding around climate change, climate justice and renewable energy. Over 50% of the teachers who participated in this project went on to take part in the professional learning programme.