Our brandbook

Our brandbook sets out guidelines on how to apply the Keep Scotland Beautiful brand to communication materials.


Here you will find detail on logo size, placement, appropriate and inappropriate use, as well as details about how to use our logos in relation to partner logos. We have also provided information about typefaces and sizing, brand colours, imagery, graphics and infographics as well as practical examples of how our brand can be applied to a variety of printed materials.

Keep Scotland Beautiful logo

The Keep Scotland Beautiful logo is used across all internal and external communication including signage, printed materials, press advertising, event materials and online.  The logo is made up of two components: the glowing saltire and the Keep Scotland Beautiful typeface. The size and relationship of these components is fixed and should not be altered.  The logo is available for download below in the related documents section.

Please send proofs of any material using our logo to us before they are finalised.

If you have any queries about how to correctly apply our Keep Scotland Beautiful branding, please contact us at press@keepscotlandbeautiful.org 





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