Food and the Environment looks at the impacts of our food choices on the environment and celebrates food that is good for you and good for the planet.


It reconnects you to raw ingredients and who produced them, both at home and abroad.  It encourages awareness of local distinctiveness and how foods are influenced by climate and culture.  It highlights the strong association of food choices with our social and working lives and provides information and inspiration for sustainable food choices from basket to bin.


Our food and drink choices represent a quarter of the average UK individual's carbon footprint but they also give us many opportunities to reduce our contribution to climate change, from what we put in the shopping basket to what we waste.


The great thing about Food and the Environment learning is that you can use it every day and eat the results.


Keep Scotland Beautiful is the leading provider of sustainable development education initiatives in schools, encouraging action and behavioural change by young people which will leave an enduring legacy for Scotland; it is part of its work to help make Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.