Green Flag Interim Application

Green Flag application materials - what you will need to apply

Application materials are the same for all groups, and for establishments applying for a Green Flag Award for the first time.


Your application will consist of the Interim Application Powerpoint, and your Action Plans - one year for a First Green Flag Award application and two years for a Renewal Application.  You may find the completed example application helpful. 


If you do not have two years' of action and evidence you can fly your Green Flag for two years from your previous award date but then your Green Flag Award will expire and your status will be withdrawn.  You will be able to reapply through our new online system and begin your Green Flag Journey again.  Details of when and how will be available on our website later.


Eco-Schools Interim Application Powerpoint


Example Interim Application


Action Plan Template


When do I need to apply?

No current Green Flag Award

Apply any time.


Group 1

Last assessed before April 2014 - FINAL DEADLINE 16th DECEMBER 2016


Group 2

Last assessed between April and December 2014 - FINAL DEADLINE 31st MARCH 2017


Group 3

Last assessed between January and July 2015 - applications open 1st April - 31st May 2017 APPLY NOW



Not sure when your Green Flag was last assessed? 

If you are not sure when your Green Flag was last assessed, please click here to look up your establishment on our lists organised by Local Authority.   If you have any further questions, please get in touch.