Public Sector Climate Action: Pathways to 2030 - 1st November - Glasgow

The next decade will be critical if Scotland’s future is to be low carbon and climate resilient. The 2016 SSN Conference will explore critical pathways ahead in the context of evolving policy, practice and investment in the key areas that will determine how well Scotland responds to climate change. Discussions will focus on how to unlock the potential of public sector climate action and opportunities to increase momentum across the public sector and in partnership with others.  

The SSN Conference is the meeting place for public sector professionals working to improve Scotland’s response to climate change and to promote sustainable development. The annual event, which last year attracted over 200 delegates, will again be held at Strathclyde University’s Technology and Innovation Centre in central Glasgow. It brings together representatives from Scotland’s public sector plus a range of partners and stakeholders. SSN has members in all of Scotland’s public sector major players, including:

  • All Scottish local authorities
  • All Scottish universities and colleges
  • NHS Scotland Boards and organisations
  • All Regional Transport Partnerships
  • A broad range of national public bodies and executive agencies

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