Climate Change Reporting Resources

The Sustainable Scotland Network supports the major players with climate change reporting. This includes support events, one-to-one support, peer-to-peer support, and a range of other resources. 

Guidance notes

  • Guidance notes (2016/17) for Integrated Joint Boards (IJBs). Given their unique roles and responsibilities, specific guidance has been developed for these bodies.
  • Guidance notes (2016/17) for all other Bodies for completing 2016/17 Public Bodies Climate Change Report
  • Supplementary Guidance (2016/17) containing updates to the 2015/16 guidance only
  • FAQs on climate change reporting have been collated over the past two years. The questions will continually be updated as they are received.


Technical guidance on the use and unique functions of the Online Reporting Platform, along with instructions on how to access the form and obtain login details can be found on the Online Reporting Platform resources page.

This page contains links to bespoke resources to support each section of the Climate Change Reports. New training resources are currently being produced and will be made available in early summer 2017 following the first mandatory reporting year.  

Other resources

All members of SSN are strongly encouraged to sign up to the SSN fortnightly e-newsletter via the online form on our home page to stay up to date with upcoming events and reporting support. 

The Knowledge Hub is an online forum for SSN members to share and discuss their sustainability and climate change work. Much of our communication around Climate Change Reports will be carried out through the Knowledge Hub. Please sign up to the Knowledge Hub and search for the ‘Sustainable Scotland Network’ group.

As well as the resources that have been specifically created to support those preparing and submitting Climate Change Reports, we also recommend the use of the Individual, Social and Material Framework (ISM) which is a simple approach to help develop and evaluate plans and policies to take account of the Individual, Social and Material contexts that influence behaviour.


Partner organisations

SSN work closely with EAUC Scotland and NHS Health Facilities Scotland to ensure tailored and consistent communications are relayed that is tailored and relevant to their respective sectors and relevant issues and with Adaptation Scotland and Resource Efficient Scotland to ensure joined up support, resources and tools are available to public bodies to assist and inform the climate change reporting process

 A video showing top tips provided with those involved in managing, submitting or analysing Climate Change Reports.