CCF branding support and guidelines

We offer support and guidance to help Climate Challenge Fund Grant Recipients meet branding and promotional requirements.

Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) Grant Recipients must acknowledge receipt of CCF funding on their website and in other promotional and recruitment materials that are produced using CCF funds. This should include correct use of the Greener Scotland and Climate Challenge Fund logos, plus additional explanatory text and weblinks where appropriate.

CCF Grant Recipients should forward a copy of each item of material they produce to their Development Officer at Keep Scotland Beautiful.  This material must be provided before any funds are claimed for the activity.

Step-by-step guide summary guide to branding and promotional requirements

Branding and promotional requirements for CCF Grant Recipients - a summary guide of all you need to know.  Please read this guide before creating online or printed material.

Press releases templates

CCF grant award press release - editable template press release if you want to announce the award of your CCF grant

Events run by your CCF project press release - editable template press release for events you are running

Presentation template

Powerpoint presentation slides - a fully branded presentation template containing slides with an introduction to CCF funding

Poster and flyer templates 

Correctly branded templates covering different themes of projects with space to personalise with details of your CCF project, logos and contact details. Download the template you want to use:

Community owned building projects - features installation of insulation

Energy efficiency projects - features radiator being adjusted

Food projects - features potato being peeled

Food projects - features seeds being planted

Transport projects - features cycling

Transport projects - features electric cars being charged

Waste projects - features chair being repaired

Waste projects - features pile of clothes

Waste projects - features clothing repair with sewing machine

CCF and Greener Scotland logo strips (CMYK format)

Download logos sized for A1 print - CMYK format logos

Download logos sized for A2 print - CMYK format logos

Download logos sized for A3 print - CMYK format logos

Download logos sized for A4 print - CMYK format logos

Download logos sized for A5 print - CMYK format logos

Logos For digital use only (RGB format):

Download CCF logo for digital use

Download Greener Scotland for digital use

Logos for high resolution print (.EPS format):

Due to file sizes, please contact us for a weblink where you can download the logos sized for A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5