Shifting Normal

The Shifting Normal guide can help your community to design and deliver a successful project to tackle climate change by taking account of what influences people to change their behaviour.  It also provides practical advice to help you to plan, undertake and review your activities. 


The Summary Guide gives an overview of the tool. 

The Full Guide goes into more detail and the theoretical background. 

The Workshop Plan gives an outline of how to run two workshops that aim to help identify and design projects.


If applicable, you should describe in the relevant section of the Development Grant application form how you intend to use the Shifting Normal methodology in your proposed project.


Shifting Normal is informed by the Individual Social and Material (ISM) approach, and draws on the experience of community-led organisations (including CCF funded projects) to help understand better how change happens, and to use this knowledge to work towards positive change.


You can view more about ISM and and resources including those from our Carbon Literacy and Low Carbon Behaviours workshop on our Low Carbon Behaviours webpage.