Sustainability & Climate Change

Keep Scotland Beautiful enables action on sustainable development, by helping organisations and communities reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact so that Scotland plays its part in meeting the challenges of climate change; it is part of our work to help make Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.

Sustainable Scotland Network


The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) supports public sector action on sustainable development, focussing on climate change and sustainable procurement.  Building on over a decade's work with local government, SSN now gives its support to the whole Scottish public sector.


The SSN supports the Scottish public sector to work together towards a sustainable Scotland by:


  • Coordinating programmes on climate change and sustainable procurement including Scotland's Climate Change Declaration;
  • Sharing good practice and supporting collaboration;
  • Researching and promoting better solutions;
  • Connecting with national and international policy-makers;
  • Providing access to up-to-date news, advice and guidance.




Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Scottish Government, addresses the SSN Conference 2013

Keep Scotland Beautiful is the independent charity which is committed to making Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.


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