Wido gets out and about in Angus

Last week, Angus Council expanded the reach of the roadside litter campaign with new installations at the Stracathro services on the A90.

In addition, Wido spent the week at the Abbeygate shopping centre chatting to folk and raising awareness of the plight and blight of litter on our roads.

Dozens of people spoken to were appalled to learn that 50 tonnes of litter are dumped on our roadsides each month. Some had their photo taken with Wido and Fizz to show their support.

Wido was joined by members of the Angus Council Waste team who are leading on the campaign in the area, and were conducting surveys to help us understand people's attitudes to littering across the country.

The survey is ongoing and results will be published separately. If you would like to help us gather responses from across the board, please take the survey and share it  using this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JBZXWQ9





31 May 2017

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