Education is an important part of conserving the beach environment. Scotland has much to offer such as clean beaches and interesting wildlife but education plays an important role.

We support a number of educational based campaigns to keep our beaches clean and environmentally friendly. Some of the campaigns we promote are:

  • Beat the Microbead - an international campaign which aims to get microbeads banned from cosmetic products. Microbeads are small pellets of plastic which are used in the production of cosmetics and can end up being washed up on beaches.
  • Keep the Cycle Running - a Scottish Water campaign aimed at reducing the amount of inappropriate items flushed down the toilet or put down the sink. This can include wipes and cotton buds.
  • Litter Less - a Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) initiative run in 21 countries. It encourages children and young people to take their work on litter and local environmental quality beyond the school gate and affect long-term behaviour change in their community. It is coordinated in Scotland through the Eco-Schools programme.
Clean Up Scotland
Find out more abbout our national campaign Clean Up Scotland, including how to organise beach cleans.