Litter control


We do not currently have a litter control training course scheduled.

Please email us at to register an interest in this training and we will let you know when the next course is due to take place.


This one-day course provides essential in-depth knowledge of litter legislation. The session will cover the offence of littering, the use of Fixed Penalty Notices, litter control areas, street litter control notices and litter abatement.


Learning outcomes:

This training will:

  • Outline the various powers that can be used to address litter
  • Enable you to choose effectively between the various charges for litter offences
  • Enable you to identify all routes to obtain littering evidence
  • Give you the skills to draft and present a case


Accreditation: The course carries a maximum value of 4 hours (core activity) for the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme. 

Cost: £250 plus VAT. Discounts available for partner organisations


To book a place, please call us on 01786 471333 or email