Training and development

Our training and development opportunities cover a wide range of areas, including environmental legislation, professional learning programmes for teachers and educators, as well as climate change advice and support for local communities and groups.

Training and development are vital to all organisations and businesses and allows the workforce to grow and improve. Our teams have a wide range of environmental expertise, which allows us to offer you practical and strategic training and development opportunities. Our training will make a real difference to your organisation, enabling employees to develop their skills and knowledge, which in turn allows your organisation to grow, improve and become more efficient.


Click on the links below for dates on our up coming organisation and business training opportunities:

We continually review these courses to ensure they are relevant and up to date. As a result, all of these training and development opportunities can be tailored to suit specific organisational needs. Email us at or call us on 01786 471333 to discuss your requirements and we will develop a specific training course to meet your business needs.


Training opportunities for teachers and educators:

For teachers and educators we provide professional learning programmes to help you teach Learning for Sustainability as well as providing rich and meaningful ways for your pupils to engage with and learn about climate change and sustainability issues, all linked into Curriculum for Excellence and our Eco-Schools Scotland programme.

If you would like to know more about our teacher professional learning programmes please email us at or call us on 01786 471333.


Training opportunities for community groups:

For community groups we provide tailored training and advice through our Community Action and Support Programme, environmental campaigning training and support, and training for volunteers who support our Beautiful Scotland, It’s Your Neighbourhood, Beach Awards and Green Flag Awards. 

For more details about these training programmes please email or call on 01786 471333.