Grant management and administration

If your business maintains a charitable fund, or administers funds for disbursement, we have the experience and background necessary to assist you to meet the needs of your fund.

Using our extensive experience in managing funds of all sizes - even multi-million pound projects for the Scottish Government - we can provide the scrutiny and external perspective that will secure and enhance the reputation of your fund.

We can help by:

  • setting relevant and engaging criteria
  • marketing the fund through engaging PR and
  • scrutinising and validating applications
  • developing capacity in applicants – ensuring that your fund delivers real benefits for applicants and their communities
  • establishing robust control mechanisms, so that you can be sure that your fund is accountable, efficient and transparent.


Crucially, our service is bespoke for your business, not “off the shelf”, so that your distinct needs can be met by our grants management service. To find out more please contact us on 01786 471333 or email for more details.