We have been carrying out street cleanliness audits for local authorities and housing providers for more than 15 years.

Today, we are Scotland’s leading organisation in delivering local environmental quality audits. Using the LEAMS derived methodology, (the Local Environmental Audit and Management System for local authorities) our team can carry out street cleansing and Local Environmental Quality Audits at any level, from monitoring large-scale local authority infrastructure to counting audits and assessments of housing estates. We also carry out audits of open spaces such as National Parks and Sports venues.

 Why should your organisation audit for Local Environmental Quality?

Street cleansing and local environmental quality audits provide a host of benefits.

  • Performance and Contractor Monitoring
  • Internal and external benchmarking with previous years activity to identify trends and improvement areas
  • Ability to identify operational and financial efficiencies
  • Inform strategy development 
  • Community Engagement

 What could your audit cover?

An agreed area will be assessed and graded according to the cleanliness grades detailed in the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (Scotland) 2006.  We also assess the presence of a range of Adverse Environmental Quality Indicators including:

  • Litter, graffiti and flyposting; 
  • Flytipping and trade waste out for collection;
  • Detritus, weeds and vegetation growth;
  • Vandalism and damage;
  • Staining and chewing gum

We will fully analyse the data and provide an electronic copy of the written report, providing information quickly and helping you identify problem areas.

We can also provide consultancy on how to improve places, campaigning advice on how to engage residents, and an interpretation of audit results to ensure the efficiency of all front-line services. 

To find out how we can help you to meet your local environmental challenges and commitments please call us on 01786 471333 or email