Environmental Quality

Keep Scotland Beautiful is Scotland’s leading force acting, campaigning and training others to clean up local environments and to change the behaviour which blights our urban and rural landscape; it is part of our work to help make Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.

Beautiful Scotland


Beautiful Scotland is a long-established community environmental improvement initiative managed in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society. Previously known as Beautiful Scotland in Bloom, the initiative supports community groups across Scotland as they seek to improve and enhance their local environment. Beautiful Scotland is a competition with an extensive set of categories and awards, and its winners can progress to the sister Britain in Bloom competition and thereafter to the international Entente Florale.


Beautiful Scotland

  • Horticultural achievement
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Community participation

Keep Scotland Beautiful is the independent charity which is committed to making Scotland clean and green, today and tomorrow.


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The national awards ceremony that brings together excellence in local environmental improvement from all over Scotland is set to be hosted in Dunde...